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By buy provigil canada | buy provigil amazon, buy provigil at walmart | No Comments

It has been just one month since Apple released the update to iOS 7, iOS 7.1, to the masses.  With 30 days to play with the final version, we have some observations to share about changes, features and performance.Man with iPhone

First announced as a beta back in November, many have suggested that the 7.1 update is what Apple should have released as version 7.0.  Debatable as that may be, we do understand that 7.1 came packed with many tweaks and enhancements that make the OS run more smoothly, but perhaps with some head scratching moments.

What we like

There is no denying that the operating system seems far sprightlier than it did in its first incarnation as iOS 7.  Apps seem to open more quickly and the responsiveness of them in action seems to also be enhanced.

Some of this is smoke and mirrors – there have been some changes to the actual animations that give the appearance of faster processing speeds.  But there have been some real performance upticks, and for those with older devices, like the iPhone 4/4s benefitting the most.  But even my iPhone 5 has been positively impacted.  It just feels faster – almost like a new device despite its 2012 vintage.

Those applications that have been updated with the new specs Apple has in place to mesh with the new iOS have also seen appreciable improvements.  Commonly installed apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all seem to operate more smoothly.  Granted, with millions of apps out there, it would be a massive task to test them all, but the top ranked apps in the iTunes store all seem to have benefited.

What we don’t like

Those with “fat fingers” like your truly may not be so keen on the changes to the phone interface.  Especially as they have taken away the larger rectangular buttons to accept or end a call, and replaced them with much smaller circular ones.  While it might look more polished, it has done so at the expense of ease of use.  We’d ask for the option to go back to larger buttons if desired.

There was a great hope that battery life would be extended, but in random samplings of people at The App Experts, we’re not seeing an increase.  Indeed, some suggest that the battery life has been reduced.  This could be anomalous behavior and external factors could be at play, such as use patterns and recharge frequency.  But still, it doesn’t look like a positive to our buy provigil cephalon

We’d also like to see a patch to address the distressing news that thieves can exploit a buy provigil online canada.  While this is a newly reported issue, it is one that we’d push to critical level if we were at Apple.  Hopefully that will be addressed in a 7.1.1 update directly.  We should also point out that this issue has a simple work around – put a passcode on your phone that can’t be guessed, and you should keep a thief from accessing your apps and settings.

Summing up

If you have yet to upgrade to iOS 7.1, it is worth doing as you will see some performance benefits.  Those with fat fingers, may wish to experience the phone app on a device that has the update, as you may grow daffy trying to hit the wee little circles.

What do you think?  Are you satisfied? What should come about in iOS 8? We’d enjoy getting your thoughts in the comment section.  Until next time, cheers!

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