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Industry leading umbrella

The App Experts offer umbrella services to freelance developers of all levels of experience. We support our consultant through all aspects of their work, ensuring they can always provide the highest-possible quality service.

Industry leading agency

The App Experts build affordable mobile apps for small and large organisations alike. We design and build apps for iOS including the iPhone and iPad, Android Smartphones and tablets, cross-platform, and we’ve recently began experimenting with Google Glass. We’re headquartered in London, but we also work with clients across the E.U.

How can an iPhone or Android app help my organisation?

A customized mobile app is the perfect way to connect directly with your customers in an instant. With our mobile app solutions, we build unique applications to help our clients create strong brand awareness and loyalty with their customers.

Mobile apps make it easier to conduct business with customers when it’s most convenient for them – meaning your business continuously stays within reach 24/7. It’s easier than ever to keep your customers informed and engaged: whether it’s via push notifications, coupons/vouchers, or location-based services, the opportunities to interact with your customers through mobile devices are vast. To learn more about how you will benefit from a mobile app, purchase provigil today.

How much does it cost to build an app?

Because The App Experts work with clients of varying sizes and needs, we’re able to accommodate all budgets starting at a fixed rate price of £399 per day. Prior to getting started, we’ll provide you with an estimate and a clear path of your app’s success as detailed by our Mobile Methodology. You can also purchase provigil online online.

What is Mobile Methodology?

Mobile Methodology is how we work – it’s our proven practice which helps map out all of the development processes to showcase the progress of your app.

I have additional questions, what do I do?

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information.