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Android, iOS, and Windows mobile app developers alike are always on the lookout for the latest tools to simplify their workload, especially on multi-platform apps. Whether it’s a more organized way to produce code or creating a friendlier UI experience, our buy provigil drug went on the hunt to look for possible solutions.

With the amount of training that developers go through to hone a native language, it’s dumbfounding to ask them to write code from another language. So, how can they transform their skills and transition seamlessly to another platform?

apple, android, windows, mobile

Our App Experts can code for any device.

The Popular Solution

Introducing PhoneGap, a developmental open source tool created by Nitobi. PhoneGap allows you to take your acquired knowledge from HTML, Javascript and CSS and use it to write for any mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows). As a bonus, a developer can link your app to any of the main device features, such as a file system, camera, accelerometer or GPS. This allows your app to communicate effectively with the phone.

Alternative Solution

One of our App Experts also uses an open-source library called Scaloid, which enables Scala developers to create Android apps without migrating to Java. It uses many of Scala’s features including creating Domain Specific Languages (DSLs). The goal of Scaloid is to help reduce the cluster of codes as well as any type errors.

Scaloid Code

This example shows you how Scaloid reduces the amount of code that a developer needs to write.

Which Program Works Better?

Although developers can debate about which approach works better, most companies that want to create apps for all devices tend to lean towards PhoneGap. On the other hand, if a company is looking to break in to the Android market, then Scaloid may be the way to go.

What are your thoughts? Let us know below which open source tools you prefer to use and why.

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