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On Monday in San Francisco, Apple will be hosting its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference.  While we’d love to make the trek to attend, we’ll have to make do with the buy provigil canada

While we expect that there will be some hardware announcements, we think that will be mostly on the iMac side of things, and probably not the time they’ll unveil a new iPhone or iPad model.  Instead, we think this will be when Apple will focus on the operating systems, and for us, we’re keen to see if there will be a reveal of iOS 8.

If you recall, it was last year at thebuy provigil canada pharmacy WWDC that Apple announced iOS 7, which was a radical departure from the earlier iterations of the operating system.  We don’t anticipate such a game-changer as we had with iOS 7, but this might be when we see a decidedly new core function of the OS – fitness and wellness tracking. has reported that Apple is  embracing this in a big way – with what is currently known as buy

Based on buy provigil cephalon we’ve seen, the look and feel is similar to the current Passbook application.

Of course Apple may surprise us all with an announcement of a ‘phablet’ sized iPhone or a ‘pro’ version of a iPad – one can’t be certain with Apple, until the big keynote address. But based on past announcements, we expect this to lean heavily in the direction of the software, and not the hardware.

What do you think?  Will Apple put something out that we’ve never even considered?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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