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About Us

The App Experts is the leading mobile app development agency and umbrella company headquartered in London. We specialise in iOS, Android and cross-platform technologies. With over 30,000 mobile development hours accumulated, it’s safe to say we know apps best.

We also understand the importance of providing a customer centric service, so we’ve created a Mobile Methodology that champions efficiency and creativity to save time and money for clients just like you.

Why Us?

As an umbrella?

1. Stress-free freelancing: You’re an expert in writing code, we’re experts in the boring bits. We handle your tax and NI so you can do what you do best, produce award-winning applications.

2. Support: We’re always here to lend some helpful advice when it comes to interview technique, relocating for projects or keeping up-to-date on your tech.

3. Legal coverage: We make sure you’re always covered with our £2 million professional indemnity insurance, £10 million employers liability insurance, and £2 million public and products indemnity insurance.

As an agency?

1. Pricing: We’ve perfected our business operations so we can focus on yours. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the most out of your budget.

2. Expertise: Our U.K. based team of more than 25 mobile app experts collectively has more than 20,000 project hours completed.

3. Problem Solving: We know what it takes to crack your biggest challenges.

4. Excellence: We’re perfectionists at heart. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

5. Transparency: We believe honest business works best. That’s why we provide pricing quotes up front so there are no surprises.

6. Convenience: While many of our clients are here in the U.K., we also work with clients across the E.U.

Get started today – ring us up at 0203 667 76020203 667 7602, or purchase provigil.